About Us

Resurrection Power Ministries International is commissioned to preach and bring the blessings of the total gospel to all nations.

Resurrection Power Ministries International is considered as one of the anointed and fast growing Pentecostal-charismatic assemblies in the nation of Germany. Many anointed men of God have stated that the congregation is located at the leading edge of God’s move in continental Europe. The renowned and respected Apostle and Gospel Musician, John Watson made similar remarks during the visit of his team to Halle. According to this man of God, ‘the Holy Spirit is counting upon Resurrection Power CMinstries International to spread the fire of His revival to Germany’.

At present, miracle services are being conducted in which multitudes are being delivered. The sick and the hopeless are being restored and many continue to find the perfect peace they so desired through personal relationship with God. We also partner with other ministries, supporting missionaries in the field and helping the needy.

Our plan is to ignite spiritual revival in Germany and around the world with the presence of God.